Interior Design Consultancy 

We provide owners who are only looking design services alone or coordinating with their subcons or maincons for their homes or offices or retail outlets

“Great” for owners who have a their own set of contractors.

Renovation Services

We also provide coordination and management services for common renovation services for owners.  Works as follow

  • hacking/demolish/dismantle
  • water proofing
  • tiling / masonry
  • plumping
  • electrical
  • metal / aluminum
  • glass / mirror
  • carpentry

Some works require necessary license from gov, which will help owners get the correct licensed contractors. 

Interior Designing & Renovation

When you just do not have the time to plan or manage the renovation works and interior designing, we also provide a full 1 stop services for owners.

Here depending of the size of space and the amount of work load you can be sure it will not be manage by a designer alone, mostly if the project work load and space is on the high side we will plan more then 1 designer to help out. 

This is one way to mitigate problems if arises as renovation projects is no different from other construction projects as you can never over plan.

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